D.C. SING-ALONG VII: So Happy Together

In these trying times, there's nothing more heartwarming-slash-cathartic than getting together with some acoustic guitars and tambourines and screaming at the top of our lungs, what's going on. (And I say heeyyy, yeah, yeah, yeah.)


Sing in the new year — and new decade — with the D.C. Sing-Along on Sunday Jan. 12, 2-5 PM at The Cheshire in Adams Morgan.

Where it's at

  • Sunday, Jan. 12, 2-5 PM

  • The Cheshire

  • The address is 2412 18th St NW Washington DC 20009, but the entrance is in the alley between Columbia Road and 18th Street NW.

  • See directions below!

How it works

  • Musicians bring acoustic instruments (guitar, harmonica, violin, ukulele), keyboards, hand-drums/percussion, etc.

  • Everyone brings voices.

  • Songbooks are provided, including chords for the musicians.

  • People call out songs, and we all play and sing together. 

  • Musical ability is emphatically NOT required. Nobody will be able to hear you sing, so don’t feel self-conscious!

  • Songbook songs only; no jams, half-remembered songs, or other musician self-indulgence. 

  • Songs range from ‘60s faves to Frozen to a heavy dose of ‘90s classics. Kids are welcome, as long as you’re cool with them being around some profanity (looking at you, Alanis) and they’re cool with not getting to sing “Wheels on the Bus” for the 400th time.

Questions? Email dcsingalong@gmail.com



Bring an acoustic 


Anyone's welcome to join the band, from fretters to flautists! There are chords for the musicians, too.

Bring your 


Musical ability is NOT required. Nobody will be able to hear you sing, so don’t feel self-conscious!

Call out your
fave song

The Beatles, Disney, Lizzo, Whitney — the songbook has something for everyone!

Bring the 

kids, too

As long as you're ok with a smidge of profanity (looking at you, Alanis).